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eFoil Boards

All boards come fully charged and assembled.

Starter Board (Gas)
This board is perfect for beginners!

Awesome Board (Electric)
This board is fun! Over an hour of run time.

1*Board + waterproof hatch
1*Lithium battery
1*Fairwater sleeve + Propeller
1*Remote control
1*Front Wing + fuselage + Rear Wing
1*Motor + mast
1*Leash + magnetic switch
1*Board bag
*70 minutes run time
*Charges in 3 hours
*Full Carbon Fiber
*High efficiency BLDC motor 3000W
*Top Speed 45-55km/h

Inflatable eFoil Board
The 3rd generation inflatable is more refined than ever before. Great for speed, control, carving, and smooth freeriding.  The new foil shape is much cleaner than previous generations and is a favorite of surfers and soul searchers.

*Board bag
* Repair Bag

Expert Full Carbon Board
Top of the line board used by Pro’s.

1*Lithium battery
1*Board bag
* Backpack + Repair Bag
*%100 Full Carbon Fiber
*Weight 35kg
*Top Speed 25-35km/h

Don’t get cold!

Extra battery
This is an extra battery.


Don’t get cold. Size Large.

Replacement Controller
For electric Awesome Board model.

Replacement Charger for Rechargeable Lithium batteries.

Pro Quick Charger
Replacement Quick Charger for Rechargeable Lithium batteries. Offers faster charging time.


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